Profile  I have always used drawing as a way to explore the textures, shapes and construction of natural objects, and created patterns of my own, just for the joy of it! Initially I studied ‘woven textiles’ at Winchester School of Art (UK) where I gained a degree (Hons) and was awarded two international Travel Scholarships. These experiences enabled me to broaden my experience into other fields of textile construction. I have worked in the fashion and textile industry for many years, including commissioned projects for manufacturers, TV companies and department stores. Sharing my skills by lecturing, publishing designs and leading ‘Hands-On’ workshops in the UK and abroad has also played an important part in my working life.

Current Work  I am currently involved in producing a new body of experimental work, combining my experience and continued curiosity about all methods of ‘construction’, both textural and sculptural. My artwork in the form of drawings and mixed media pieces are also playing a larger role in my work, as I explore newer methods of fabric production, like ‘digital printing’.

Exhibitions  I now exhibit my latest designs alongside other artists at ‘Open Studio’ and ‘Designer Craft’ events in the UK. This includes seasonal selections of ‘one-off’ studio garments, accessories and mixed media pieces, plus an opportunity to discuss and make plans for individual commissions.